Review: YALMEH Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion

Awhile back I reviewed the Yalmeh Glory Eye Gel, and more recently Yalmeh Foundation Brush both of which are pretty great, in my opinion. So when I was contacted about reviewing the Yalmeh Revitalize Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion, of course I said yes. I mean I love Yalmeh, am always looking for a new moisturizer, and have had a good experience with Vitamin C products. 

Alright so this is another amazon beauty product but it's a little different. Inside the amazon shipping box was the Yalmeh box. It has a white front, with a gorgeous artistic rendering of a woman on the front. The sides are orange. The bottle inside is orange as well with cold font and a cold lid that's the base. 

Verdict: This lotion feels really good going on my skin, it's thin enough to absorb into my skin well, but also moisturizes. Plus with the pretty packaging it's perfect as a beauty gift for a friend. 

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