Review: YALMEH Foundation Brush

Awhile back I talked to you about the Yalmeh Glory Eye Bright Gel and I loved it. So when they offered to send me one of their foundation brush I was super excited and immediately said yes, because I love getting makeup accessories, like that Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit. Plus since foundation is one of my makeup go to things so I knew I'd be using a lot.

Alright so this is yet another beauty product from Amazon. Of course that's a very good thing, with free shipping (as long as you have prime), easy payments, and super easy returns. Inside the brown box was the Yalmeh one. It has a grey color with a banner across the middle with the foundation brush label. The Yalmeh label is towards the top. The brush itself has a white handle with gold metal insert and multicolored fibers.

Verdict: I've used this brush for almost a month now so I think I'm quite the expert. It picks up both powder and liquid well, and applies even better. Plus it's very soft. Washing it out is very easy too (something I had a little trouble from the Crown Brush Set) so I'm very happy.

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