Review: Super Hemp Raw Shelled Organic Hemp Seeds

It seems like I go through these phases. Some weeks I'm super into eating healthy being active and stuff. Then a little while later I remember just how much I love little debbies, you know the cupcakes not the rapper (although I like her too). I also start to sit around and watch reality television instead of running. So when the people over at Super Hemp offered to send me their Raw Shelled Organic Hemp Seeds to try out I figured that would be an easy thing I could do even on lazy days.

Awhile back I had received and talked about Hemp Hearts, and I quite liked them as a school snack, although they are a little hard to eat. These Super Hemp seeds are just like them. The great sunflower seed taste, but sweeter and a little more oily both of which are very good things in my opinion. They are soft to eat and perfect for sprinkling on food. 

Verdict: These Super Hemp Raw Shelled Organic Hemp Seeds are good. I like the taste and they're one of the cheaper brands, which is a good thing considering that hemp seeds or really any omega 3 or omega 6 products can get quite pricey. 

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