Review: Source 100ft Expandable Hose

I don't think that I'm ever going to be a pro gardener (kind of like the fact that I'm not ever going to be a pro cook/baker) but I do like it. I mean for me it's great to be able to look out in my back, or front, yard and see all the things growing. Sometimes I'm proud enough I even take pictures, like the ones of my backyard garden  to share with people. The best part though is getting to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. So when the people over at Source offered to send me their 100ft expandable hose to review of course I said yes.

It comes from Amazon. That's good for free shipping if you have prime, and cheap fast shipping if you don't. It also means easy payments, and a good return policy in case you have issues. Inside the brown amazon box with trademark prime shopping tape was the product box. It has the expandable hose (all small) on it along with the product name.

Verdict: I have to say I didn't actually expect the Source 100 ft Expandable hose to work. However I was very wrong. It was much better than the garden hose I have. Not only that but it seems durable and isn't nearly the eye sore that other hoses are. 

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