Review: Smarty Pants Clear Shower Curtain Liner

Have you guys seen my bathroom? That tour was a few years ago. Since that time, my bathroom shower curtain has taken a lot of wear and tear which of course means that I have to replace my shower curtain and this time around I wanted something fancy which was why I was very happy that Smarty Pants sent me a clear shower curtain liner to review. I'll explain why later. 

Alright so this is an amazon product and if you're like me and order a lot from amazon that means that it came in that standard brown amazon shipping box with a few other things. Of course since I have prime the shipping was free, and returns are always easy. It's packaged itself in clear plastic with a cardboard insert underneath that has not only cool artwork but some product information. 

Verdict: Alright so here's what you do. You take a fancy fabric curtain and use this clear PV one as a liner. Together it works out great and looks much better than the store plastic ones that fade with time. Im impressed with how good this curtain looks and that it holds out well. 

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