Review: SMARTPHONEAIDES 3 Port USB Rapid Car Charger

As terribly as I do it, I actually do drive a car. Last semester I drove to and from school and my internship four days a well as two or three days getting to my "modeling" stuff. A lot of times I'd notice towards the end of the day that my phone hasn't been charged and I'd turn it off that way I could use it on my way home in an emergency if needed. Or worse a few times I realized that I forgot to charge my phone the night before, and would have a big problem all day. Luckily there is a solution that SmartPhoneAides has. A three port portable USB rapid car charger made for iPhone fives.

Alright so it does come from Amazon which is a great thing for a technology product. If you have prime or pay over $35 shipping is free and if neither of these is the case, it's still cheap. Payments are easy and if you do have a problem it's easy to return it. Inside that amazon box this SMARTPHONEAIDES charger has a soft plastic case and you can clearly see the product underneath.

Verdict: Of course I like that this Smart Phone Aides company is owned by a veteran but the product is actually good. It comes in a giftable packaging, which is nice. I like how quickly it charges my phone as well as it's multiple uses and convince. 

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