Review: Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling/Baking Gloves

With having a school, an internship and modeling, I haven't had much time for baking and to be honest I'm a little sad about that. I'm pretty proud of how far I've come as a "cook" considering some of my first attempts were major fails. Remember that brownie making fail? Luckily though I still do make a few things and love trying out all kinds of cooking things which is why I was very excited when I was given the chance to review these silicone heat resistant grilling and baking gloves.

Alright so like a lot of cookware, technology and even beauty products these gloves came from amazon. Since I get things from there quite frequently they came with a few other products inside the normal brown amazon shipping box with prime shipping tape. Inside they just had this plastic wrap around them and a sticker with a little product information. The gloves are a BRIGHT red and trying them on I can see they won't work for people with large hands. Since I have hands that are too small for most things I think the size is great.

Verdict: So normally I'm so afraid of burning myself that I make someone else get things out of the oven for me. With these gloves though it's easy to hold on to the pan and get it out, and you don't feel any heat. Unlike the fabric Kuisiware gloves you can use these for grilling too since they wash off so easily. 

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