Review: ShowerMade Shower Caddy

Remember back when I did that Dorm Room Essentials blog post? Well lucky for me I'm not in a dorm room right now, but I was happy to find out that ShowerMade sent me a shower caddy to try out. Why? Because it was one of my essentials for having a dorm room! And trust me when I say their important. 

Alright so like a few of the things that I've reviewed on this blog this ShowerMade Caddy is available  via amazon. That means cheap shipping, or even free if you have prime. Easy no worries payments and simple returns if there is an issue. Inside the amazon box was the shower caddy. The packaging is very minimalist. It is just a plastic bag, with product information on a paper inside. 

Verdict: First of all I like that this shower caddy has six pockets with three different sizes. So it's going to fit anything I want to take with me. The handle is long at 20 inches and it's super durable. I can put in heavy things like Jhirmack Shampoo, without worry, and it's very much unisex. 

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