Review: Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast

I'm trying to get in shape. I mean I've done a few modeling jobs since the one that turned my brown , but to be honest with my unhealthy eating habits that not only make me heavy but take a toll on my skin I'm surprised I do. Of course I want to work on that so when the people at Sari Foods, offered to send me their nutritional yeast to try out of course I said yes. 

Alright so it comes from Amazon, which is a great thing. It means free shipping if you have prime and cheap if you don't. It's easy to do payments and returns aren't any problem. The bag itself is eight ounces and is a yellowish orange. The font is white and brown, and offers quite a bit of information. On the back is how to use it and nutritional information. 

Verdict: At first I thought this was a product to put in baking, you know like a traditional yeast, but I guess you're just supposed to put it on food. However I am impressed with the nutritional value and that this GMO free. 

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