Review: Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder

If you've been reading any of the cooking posts on my blog you'd know that there's one company who's products I always love to use. Ozeri. I have their green earth pan, electric wine opener , and a tower fan. So of course when they asked me to try out their Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder of course I said yes. 

Alright so this is one of the many cooking products that you can get from Amazon. To tell the truth I'm starting to think Amazon has everything. And it all just arrives at your house in those brown shipping boxes. Inside there was an Ozeri box, which has a product picture of the Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder as well as a little information. 

Verdict: This is yet another Ozeri product I love. It's light weight and easy to use and quite durable. I've already dropped it twice (because I'm clumsy) and there isn't a mark on it. The grinding is quite small, and very quick and easy to do. 

You can buy your own HERE

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