Review: Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44")

 Maybe you guys already know this, but I love the people over at Ozeri. They have so many cool and innovative products (for reasonable prices) that it's fun just to look at their catalog. Because they're super awesome I've even gotten to test out a few of the things they have and let me tell you they're all great. So when the asked me about reviewing their 44" 3x tower fan of course I said yes. Especially since I liked their 42" rotating fan a whole lot. 
Alright, so it came to me in this huge package, which is where it sat for a few days because I was feeling a little overwhelmed about assembling it. Finally I opened it up, while it was standing up and realized that was a bad idea when the very heavy base came flying at me and hit me in the face. So here's a pro tip, have the box laying on it's side when you open it. Once you get the base and the fan out, that's it just attach them by screwing the base into the top and there you go.

Just like the other one I have a fancy remote control to go with it. It even came with a battery which was a little hard to put in. Once I got it all going I was quite impressed with just how much air comes through this fan, and how much cooler it can make a room feel. The remote is easy to use and I love the settings like the timer. Another great Ozeri product 

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