Review: One Direction UV Nail Varnish


Nail polish is probably my favorite beauty product. I mean sure I like curling my lashes and bb cream along with a little mascara are my necessities for looking "hot" but honestly I'm too lazy to worry about it most of the time . However one thing I always love doing, is painting my nails and seeing the finished result is even better. So when the One Direction crew offered to send me some of their new UV nail varnishes to try out of course I said yes, especially since I was such a big fan of their Na Na Na nail lacquer.

Alright so first off lets talk about the packaging. They come in a box set of three with the One Direction name on the front, and a background that is worn and faded bricks, but other than that they're pretty simple. The bottles are rectangular shaped, rather than the traditional round variety, and I have to say I like that. The lids however, I'm not a fan of. They have a brick pattern that ties into the box theme but other than that it's all bad. They're hard to open, and make a lot of noise when doing it and getting them closed all the way takes some effort. However these 1D bottles look nice which is always very important!

 Moments - This nail color is gorgeous. I'm always on the lookout for a vibrant pink nail color and Moments hit it right on the head. With two coats, it's plenty opaque and after five days of wear I'm just now starting to see a few chips. Under UV light it's even better.
Happily - I know it looks terrible in the picture, and while it's true this nail lacquer isn't very opaque the two coat job looks a lot better in person than it showed up on the picture. With another coat it's just fine. The color is a nice royal blue and to be honest I don't mind that it's a sheer color.

Diana - UV 3D Holographic. Unlike the other two nail polishes in the set this glitter color is very sheer. Just like the other two polishes I took pictures after two coats. It's a very pure silver, and for a simple manicure I think it's perfect, and not bad as a protect top coat either. Honestly I think It'll be my most used of the colors.

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