Review: One Direction Electroglam Mascara

 I'm sure you all know about the band One Direction. They're the biggest current band in the world and I don't think I can go a car trip without hearing something of theirs on the radio. Back in the summer I even did a full review over the Up All Night Makeup Looks Collection  which was their first makeup collection. So when I was given the chance to review their Electroglam mascara of course I took it. 

Mascara is my go to makeup accessory but normally I wear a simple black volumizing kind, so I was happy to see that this mascara is a little different. They come in a  three pack and don't just have different colored bottles, they're actually those colors. This is the first time I've seen colored mascara. In the "swatches" below each of the colors looks as vibrant as the rest. 
 Does He Know? - Normally I like to end with my favorite product but this hot pink mascara called 'Does He Know' is so pretty that I wanted it to be at the top. The color is vibrant and the mascara coats each lash evenly. From far away you can see the pink color and it lasts well. Dry time is quick and there wasn't any clumping. Personally I think this Does He Know would look awesome on the end of false lashes too. 
 Story of my Life - For me this yellow mascara just wasn't all that great. It didn't clump or stick but it didn't really add all that much color to my lashes even after multiple strokes. That and the yellow color isn't something I'm interested in. Naturally I have mixed (blonde and black) lashes so the yellow is similar to some of my natural lashes. 
Why Don't We Go There - Alright so let me say that this picture isn't the fairest judgement of this mascara. Applying it has a bit of a learning curve and this blue mascara was my first attempt. However once you figure it out, it applies like a dream. The color is almost as vibrant as the pink, and is perfect for cosplay. 

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