Review: Miss Oops Popper Stopper

I don't think I've really gone out and said this, although I did sort of mention it before when I did that stroller organizer review, as well as the crib mattress pad review that my cousin is having a baby. I thought that'd be the perfect opportunity to try out a few baby related items, since I knew she could  use them. And when I showed them to her, her first word was genius, so I figured we had a winner. 

Alright so they come in packs of five, which sell for $10 and personally I think that's a little expensive but since there isn't anything else like them on the market it might not be that bad of a price. They are nude colored and are packaged so you can see the product as well as what it does. The cardboard backing for the package is a pretty green and the company, Miss Oops logo is on the left corner. 

Verdict: According to my cousin these things are great. She doesn't have to worry about an irritated belly button anymore. And as far as looks it really does smooth out her stomach. Much better comfort wise and looks wise than the bandaid trick she tried before. 

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