Review: Legend Rash Guards Compression Shirt

In the past I've talked about the necessity of wearing sun screen like Coppertone Sunny Days and Babyganics  because for one, skin cancer is a real thing, and because sun damage actually does age you. So when the people over at Legend Rash Guards offered to send me their Compression Shirt that doubles as a rash guard of course I said yes. 

It comes via amazon, where you can pick your color from a large variety, and between three different sizes. I went with white, but I think their most popular colors are black and dark blue. It arrives from the Amazon warehouse and is just folded nicely. No tag or branded bag, which does make it a little hard to gift this.

Verdict: This Legend Rash Guards Compression Shirt feels super nice going on. It's cool to wear stretches well, and is great to work out with on. It's a great thing under a sweatshirt when I'm out running this winter, and I know that when it comes to beach time it's going to be a great help to keep me from getting sunburnt. 

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