Review: IPad Car Headrest Mount

Right now I don't have kids. Which if you ask me is a very good thing. I do have a lot of experience with kids though, as a babysitter. One thing I've noticed is that they really do love their electronics and it isn't a bad thing. So I though when I was given a chance to try out an iPad car head rest mount it'd be perfect. 

Like a lot of different tech products and accessories, for example the Tuo Case and LifeGuard Charger this is one of those that are available on amazon. That is a very good thing. It came in that normal brown box, with just a clear plastic around it some packing protection and a paper insert explaining what it does. 

Verdict: This iPad Car Headrest mount easily fits on to the back of my head rest. My iPad felt secure in it too. However I do wonder how durable it is, but if it isn't being taken off and then put back on a bunch of times, it should be fine.  

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