Review: Herb Scissors

As you might already know, because I've shared a few posts like my 2014 Backyard Garden one about my garden. I have lots of tomatoes, peppers, and fruit but one of the most useful things in my garden has to be the herbs. They're perfect for making a recipe your own, and taste a whole lot better so when the people over at Select Culinary offer to send me their herb scissors for review, of course I said yes. 

To start out with this is an amazon product. And as it seems amazon has all the cool stuff, at the best prices. I mean whenever I'm looking for a random thing, it's the first place I check. They have easy payments, lots of shipping options, and a good return policy. Inside that cardboard box were the scissors. They have green handles with a white inside and the attachment is a bright seventies kind of fun green. Here's what the company has to say: 

"Herbs are a vital part of any good dish, providing a lovely decoration and a delicious flavor to whatever food they're used with. The Select Culinary™ 5-Blade Herb Scissors is a set of five stainless steel blades on the body of a scissor, allowing you to effortless start snipping, cutting, and chopping in no time at all. A simple snip with this is equal to five chops with a normal knife. These herb scissors five blade are equipped with a cleaning comb that works as a protective guard and can easily free any herbs stuck to the steel. Whether you're looking for something to help out in the garden, or to mince vegetables and herbs in record time right in the kitchen, these herb scissors with a cleaning comb are the best herb cutters you'll ever find."

Verdict: I would have never thought of using herb scissors. I mean chopping up the herbs is a pain but I had no idea that there was anything else I could do about it. These scissors are easy to use and work well, plus their cute. 

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