Review: Havens Arc Argan Oil

Whenever I mention I have bad hair, someone always is like "but then how did you do hair modeling?" and to tell the truth I'm not exactly sure how I got it. When I was told about it I had roughly a week before going to meet a stylist and I quite cold turkey on hot styling tools and used my organic hair mask on the daily. And then my hair was just "good enough" so basically lots of luck.  

A short while after that I found out about argan oil, and have been able to try out versions from UNI and Foxbrim among a few others. So when the people over at Havens Arc offered to send me their 100% Pure Certified Organic Argan Oil I already knew a lot about the benefits and of course I said yes. It comes from amazon, and inside the boring brown shipping box, is a dark brown glass bottle with four oz of product a dropper dispenser and a yellow minimalist label around the middle. 

Verdict: This Argan oil is great. It comes in a large 4 fl oz size, perfect for those of us with longer locks. It has a dark brown color without much yellow something that I've learned is a very good thing from having bleach blonde hair where color always deposits, and the smell isn't bad. 

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