Review: GogglX Swimming Goggles

I'm pretty sure most people had gym class in high school ,which in my opinion is more than a little unnecessary. Mine was especially terrible though because twice a week we had to swim in the school pool. It's nice, big, clean and heated, but I can't swim, (I can but poorly) so I had to struggle through it because our grade was based on how well we did, even dumber than having it as a class. Anyways, there is one thing I really wished I'd had swimming googles, which was why I was pretty excited that GogglX was nice enough to send me a pair.

Alright so these googles are available on amazon and come in a variety of colors. Perfect if you're like me and want a pair to match your different swimsuits. Inside the boring shipping box, they have a plastic wrapped container, similar to those derma rollers  because you can reuse it for storage. The googles themselves are inside that. 

Verdict: These GooglX googles are great. I love how they come packaged, and thanks to their minimalist design they're supper easy to store. No worries now about getting chlorine in your eyes, and the best part is they don't fog up. 

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