Review: FLEXX Sports Muscle Roller Stick

I know, I know. I haven't done a Fitness Friday post in way too long. I'm just getting fat and lazy. But thanks to a new opportunity that I have I really need to get in shape, which is exactly what I'm going to do. Of course that means lots of yoga and running, my two go to workout things, both of which tend to make muscles sore. So when the people over at Flexx Sports offered to send me their roller stick of course I said yes. 

Alright so this comes via amazon. That means you just go to the site order it there check your shipping option, and then your payment option, and then wait for Amazon to send you that email saying your product is being shipped, then track it the whole way to your house. My came in a larger than necessary box with the signature amazon packing tape. Inside there is twas, in black and a light grey after you take it out of the FLEXX Sports black box with blue font. 

Verdict: I didn't think that this muscle roller stick would work, but after trying it out I've totally changed my mind. I get awfully sore calf muscles and using this on them a few times not only felt good while I was doing it but relived the pain. 

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