Review: EZY Chef Milk Frother

Until recently I'd never really drank coffee. I'd had a taste of someone else's but to be honest it wasn't my thing. Even the stuff at starbucks didn't really do it for me. In the past two weeks though I sort of discovered the stuff thanks to the whole make it at home latte and cappuccino machine Keurig makes called the Rivo. Now, even though I have a terrible caffeine tolerance, I drink the stuff all the time, and really the most important part is the frothed milk so when the people over at EZY Chef offered to send me a milk frother to try out of course I said yes.

It comes from Amazon, and I'm sure you know by my reviews of things like the Green Earth Pan, and Kuisware Super Glove that means a whole lot to me. Free shipping (with prime) easy payments and no hassle returns. Inside the Amazon shipping box it is in a white cardboard box with the picture of the milk frother on it. ON the bottom is a little bit of product information in small black text.

Verdict: Although I don't think it's as convent as using something like the Rivo machine, this EZY Chef milk frother is a whole lot less expensive. It does it quickly and quietly and honestly after using it for awhile I don't have any complaints. 

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