Review: Evian Facial Spray

My skin is something that I really try to keep looking good. Not only does nice skin make a person look younger, but also healthier, making it something that I think anyone should try for. So whenever there's a skin care product that has a lot of hype on how good it is, I'm always interested. Which is exactly why I was so excited that Evian wanted to send me their natural mineral water facial spray. 

Alright so it comes in a white container with grey print in an easy to read font. There are pink and red accents as well as a pink lid. The Evian logo is mountains, more specifically the French Alps because that's where this mineral water spray comes from. Actually they've been bottling Evian Spray since 1962.

To use, hold the canister 9 inches from face and spray over makeup. This will help to hydrate your skin without messing up makeup. The Evian is very light and cooling and doesn't have any scent. I personally also like to use it as a toner before applying makeup because of how well it moisturizes my skin, and makes it easier to put on bb cream or foundation.

Verdict: The Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray is great. I love the easy application and it reminds me of the Perlier Ice Body Water  that I love so much. The best thing though is that it's a moisturizer that you can apply over makeup, keeping away that chalked look. 


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  2. I love this idea! I use a refresher spray from MAC, but this looks awesome too.


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