Review: Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

If you've seen my room before you'd know that I have a queen bed that I'm quite fond of, and can't complain about at all. However in the guest bedroom in my house there's a twin sized bed with a terribly uncomfortable bed. Whenever people stay over I apologize in advance for it. So when the people over at Memory Foam Solutions offered to send me their Elastic Memory Foam twin sized mattress bed topper to try out, I had the perfect place for it. 

But of course we have to talk about the shipping. You do order this product from Amazon, and do your payments through there but it's actually shipped by the company. Which is actually a good thing because they'll cut the mattress to whatever size you want. It came tightly packed in this box, and was heavier than I expected. 

Verdict: Putting this mattress on was very easy to do, and the sheets still fit over it without trouble. And trying it out the first time I was impressed with how comfortable it is. I mean it's even better than my bed. Plus it's EPA safe CSPC approved as well as being made in the USA couldn't love it more. 

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