Review: Driver's License Personalized Pet ID Tag

I'm sure that I complain about her way too often but I do actually like my dog Checkers. So when the people over at PetIDme offered to send me a custom made driver's license dog tag of course I said yes. Here's how it works. You order off of amazon, then the company sends you an email. This is where you tell them all the info that you want on the ID tag as well as the state you want to pick, and send them a picture of your dog. 

Alright so ship time is actually pretty fast. When it arrives, it's well packaged as to not get damaged. I was happy to see that the ID tag is a light weight metal, instead of the plastic that I was expecting. Everything is easy to read too. 

Verdict: Getting this custom ID tag, from payment to ordering to having it shipped was super easy. I'm very impressed with how it looks, and so far it's held up well. 

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