Review: Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Previously I've gotten a few different voxboxes from Influenster that had a huge variety of products in them (like the sweetheart voxbox), which is always very exciting. So when I received this box from influenster and it only had one product in it, I was a little disappointed until I realized exactly what it is. Dove Dry Spray deodorant, a 48 hour non-irritant antiperspirant. As a girl that sweats, a lot, I'm always eager to try out something that can help me out, especially since I'd heard so much about this Dove Dry Spray.

So this doesn't look like your average deodorant. It comes in in a metal aerosol canister with white enamel over it. The front has the Dove name and logo as well as that it's a dry spray. Below that is some weird graphic that I'm thinking goes with the lettering nourished beauty that it's above (milk and honey possibly?) and at the bottom the net weight 3.8 oz. The back an ingredients list as well as instructions. 

To use, first shake well. Hold the can six inches from the underarm. One can (according to the bottle) lasts up to eight weeks. Getting the cap off is a little difficult and you really do have to press down quite hard to get the spray to work (from the perspective of a weak girl that is) The spray is very light and disperses well. The smell is clean, not particular feminine or overwhelming. 

Verdict: I really like this Dove Dry Spray Anti-perspirant I've had a ton of experience trying out different types of deodorants and antiperspirants but  nothing like this. Although it is a little hard to get the cap off and press down the lid, other than that application is easy, it smells good and feels a whole lot better than using a typical stick (like the secret antiperspirant) that tend to leave weird clumps and not spread evenly. Dove Dry Spray lasts all day too, even with my sweat like a man body. 

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