Review: Copper Fit Knee Sleeve

As you might know, I do yoga. You probably figured that by things like my "What to Wear to Yoga" but in case you didn't I figured I'd let you know. Even though I can do a lot of different poses, the ones I have trouble with are the traditional calf stretchers. Something that was suggested to me was trying out a knee sleeve so I was super happy that Copper Fit wanted to send me one. 

Alright so this comes from Amazon. Which means free shipping if you have prime and cheap shipping if you don't. It also means that you have easy payments and returns if you need to do that. Inside the amazon box was this copper fit box. It offers a little information, a picture of Brett Favre (I didn't know who he was) and a product picture. 

Verdict: At first I was impressed with how comfortable the copper fit knee sleeve is. It's soft and stretchy although it does run a little small. After doing yoga with it on though I was super impressed and it seems like all those commercials about this Copper Fit sleeve, which is actually infused with copper for healing are accurate. 

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