Review: Chia Water

Awhile back I was given a four set of Chia waters to review. They came nicely packaged in a big box and just kind of sat there after I got them. I thought that the water wasn't going to taste all that good, although the bottles looked pretty cool. So what I did was wait until my mother had a sort of holiday lunch and served them as samplers. 

To my dismay all of the flavors, Mixed Berries, Lemon Lime, Lemon Tea, and Mango Passion were all great, and everyone was drinking them. Of course by that time I couldn't say no, and just had to try out two samples, one of lemon lime and one of lemon tea and the hype was true. I love both of them. However I didn't get a chance to try the other two bottles because they were completely gone. And that lemon tea? It was so good that someone was shameless enough to take the rest of it with her back to work. 

Verdict: All of the Chia Water is great. They have enough flavor that you want to drink them, but not so much that you might mess up your meal. Plus they're pretty healthy so it's a huge win. 

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