Review: CHA! by Texas Pete

Up until recently I wasn't much of a hot sauce kind of girl. At taco bell I'd get the mild kind more than anything else. Lately though I've been more interested in having spicy food so I was super excited when the people over at Texas Pete offered to send me their Sriracha Cha! hot sauce to try out. 

Alright I can't say anything about shipping or payments since this food product just kind of arrived at my house. I can say though that it comes in a clear flexible plastic container. It has the all the information on it in alternating yellow and white font. On the top it as a twist and squeeze lid in yellow.

Verdict: I have to say this CHA! by Texas Pete isn't like any other hot sauce I've tried. It's still hot, but a little sweet too, and warm which is of course two very good thing. It's a great size, and it isn't only me that loves it, my dad does too!

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