Review: Boson Sport Jump Rope

Since the new year is coming up, I've had a lot of time to think about how I'm actually going to meet these fitness goals of mine. However it isn't as easy for me to get motivated to actually start. Once I do, it's all okay but the thing is I can't get myself to. So I've been on the look out for things that make workouts fun, like the yoga strap. So when the people over at Boston Sport offered to send me their Jump Rope to try out of course I said yes!

Alright since this was one of those things that are just sent to me, I don't have any information on shipping payment or anything else like that. I'm thinking though that you can buy it on amazon though which is a very good thing. It came to me in a box with a product picture a muscle man saying what muscles are worked and the Boson logo. I think it's actually a pretty good looking for a gift even.
Verdict: Previously I tried out the King's Athletic Speed Cable and while it did a lot for me, this Boson one is a huge upgrade. The handles are easy to use and adjust and it looks pretty. Jump roping is a huge work out too!

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