Review: Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel Clear

I can't be the only one with this problem. Although I don't really have "thick" eyebrows, they aren't thin and whenever I look in a mirror I always realize they looked like I'm some sort of werewolf person. Just a little bit embarrassing. They do it all on their own too, because I'm almost sure I don't mess with them. So when the people over at Billion Dollar Brows offered to send me their Clear Brow Gel to try out of course I said yes. 

Alright so first off it came to me as a part of a set with a few other things like the Duo Concealer and Highlighter and Brow Pencil with Brush . They were all in a box that had the Billion Dollar Brows name and logo on it as well as product pictures. The gel is in a hard plastic tube that has square sides, and is clear. You can clearly see the white brush under the BDB logo and the lid is a silver twist off kind.

Verdict: I've very happy with this brow gel. It's easy to apply, just comb it through finished brows and not only does it keep your makeup in place all day it also keeps the eyebrow hairs from straying away which was my biggest problem. 

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