Review: Billion Dollar Brows Brow Duo Highlighter and Concealer

Trying out makeup looks is always a ton of fun, but something that never changes with my look is my brows. I've tried a ton of different concealer and brow lighteners (even bleaching them before) but nothing seems to keep them from looking bushy and too dark. But of course there's no way that I'm going to pluck them. So when the people over at Billion Dollar Brows offered to send me their Duo Highlighter of course I wanted to try it out. 

Alright so this pencil came as a part of a gift set, and it was nicely packaged in a branded Billion Dollar Brows box. On one side there is a nude color and on the other a cream that's very light. Both sides are sharpened and have their own lids. 
Above are the swatches. On the far right is the highlighter, in the middle, matching my skin tone almost exactly is the concealer and then on the left is a brown brow pencil. Both are very creamy and blend easily. The concealer did an awesome job actually hiding my brows, and the lighter looks natural. 

Verdict: This Billion Dollar Brows Duo Highlighter and Concealer makes my makeup play more fun. It easily covers my brows with the concealer and the highlighter is great for contrast. With a creamy texture it's easy to apply and stays well. 

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