Review: Bellafab Skincare 20% Vitamin C Serum

I'm a big lover of skin care products. If I had five faces, I think I'd be living the dream because that would mean that I'd be able to try out five times the amount of skin care products, because to be honest what fun is discovering a new product if you don't share it. Which is exactly why I wanted to try out the Bellafab Skincare Vitamin C 20% with Amino Blend and Hyaluronic Acid when the company offered to send it to me, even though I've previously tried out a couple of other vitamin c serums like Life Essentials

Like almost all the other serums I've gotten recently and reviewed, this one comes from Amazon, which is a very good thing, other than the fact you can't just pick it up in the store. But with two day free shipping (as long as you have prime) it's almost as good. It comes in a brown 1 oz glass bottle with a yellow label offering a lot of information around the middle, and a dropper applicator. Here's what the company has to say "  Bellafab  Skincare Advanced Formula Vitamin C + Amino Complex + Hyaluronic Acid is a complete and comprehensive anti-aging solution. Only the best natural and organic ingredients used to create the most effective serum available. This scientifically proven formula provides an abundance of key anti-aging benefits. Results include: Stimulating and boosting collagen, Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Brightening and smoothing skin and Evening complexion by fading sun spots and discoloration.

+ Vitamin C - Promote collagen formation while fighting against free radicals
+ Vitamin E - Essential antioxidant that helps protect and nourish skin
+ Amino Complex - Effective skin repair treatment to keep skin firm
+ Hyaluronic Acid - Unmatched natural moisturizer for plump and smooth skin " 

Verdict: I really like this vitamin c serum that Bellafab Skincare has. It works well, and the high concentrate is nice. I especially like that in addition to having the hyaluronic acid like the Naturalico version it also has an amino blend. 

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