Review: Astor Canvas Log Carrier

Even though I think that's its technically fall, there's been snow and freezing weather so to me it's winter. One thing that I love about the cold weather, is getting to have fires. Sometimes that means just candles when you've decided to use the area by your fireplace as storage for books. However I'm planning on organizing everything very soon which means that this Astor Canvas Log Carrier is right up my alley and I was very excited to get the chance to review it.

Alright so this came from amazon. That means free shipping (if you have amazon prime), easy payment process, and a great return policy. Inside that normal amazon box was the Astor box. It has a red background with a banner across the front. The font is white and there is information on the box as well as a product picture.

Verdict: This Astro canvas log carrier is waterproof, keeps the logs inside, is easy to cary and very durable. When you're done using it you can actually wash it in the washing machine and it folds up for storage. Adding in the fact that it comes in a nice box you can have the perfect gift for your friend with the wood burning stove or five place. 

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