Review: 3.4A Apple Certified Lighting Car Charger

As you might have heard about when I did my iPhone 6 case review I had to get a new phone, because I'm clumsy and it was totally my fault that my iPhone 4 died, or rather was killed. One kind of annoying thing was switching to new phone charges, since they now have a different feed. Not that I don't thing the smaller size is nice. I was luck enough to get a few different brands to help me out with that, one of which is Francois et Mimi who sent me their 3.4A Rapid Car Charger.

Alright so like a lot of technology that I review this is an amazon product which means easy payments and shipping as well as returns if you do need to do that. It came in a soft plastic box with a black and half clear (so you can see the product inside) front. The sides are white and the back is black and offers more information and product pictures. 

Verdict: Previously I tried out the Skiva Charger, and I was curious how the Franois et Mimi version would compare. Trust me when I say it's a whole lot faster, perfect for when I forget to charge my phone, and need to do it in a rush before I get to class. I also like that it has the more traditional expanding wire so it isn't just hanging around all the time. 

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