Outfit: Rockin "Black Friday"


Yesterday was Black Friday. For most people that probably means trapping around the nearest mall looking for for good deals (unless you went to the sales that were starting at like six on Thanksgiving), but I decided to do something a little different. A "Black Friday" outfit, that has a heavy metal and rock inspired feel that might just intimidate other shoppers. Of course it isn't an everyday look, but I kept the makeup light (actually nonexistent) which makes it much more wearable. 
 Shirt - As soon as I saw this shirt on the Oasap site I knew I had to have it. I even had an outfit (this one) planned for it. It's a crop top so it isn't going to work for a ton of outfits but I love the graphic skull and rose print on it, and the high collar is very easy to wear. 

Skirt - Whenever I'm wanting to wear a skirt this black one is the first thing I go for. It's long enough that I can hike it almost up to my boobs without showing my butt, and it fits perfectly. Just like that black dress it gives me some curves. 

Tights - I almost didn't wear these tights but, since it was pretty cold yesterday I kind of needed them, and they really do help the look out. It gives it a more authentic look instead of just an inspired by rock. 

Shoes - Of course I couldn't do an outfit like this without these spiked lace up shoes. They're high and make my legs look long and since they have a wider heel they're easy to walk around in, and with a little practice not bad to run in. 

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