Life Photos: Engineering Sophomore Fall Final Dump

Alright you might know this but between my "modeling" increasing my blog hours, and having an internship school kind of hit me hard this semester. Kind of is an understatement. I feel like I probably could have put in a little more effort though, so it is my fault. I did however end up doing well in everything which is fantastic. Looking through my phone I noticed I had a few school work photos left over. A lot of these are math problems from my study guide. For calculus three here's what happened. He gives us a big study guide and tells us that some of these exact problems will be on the test. So what my friend and I decided to do was convince the math tutor guy (it's a school program) who's also kind of her friend to help us do it, and he did. Worked them out step by step, and I ended up getting a 97% on the test, which I think means I owe him. There are also two Thermodynamics photos in here, and to be honest I wish I had worked harder in that class because the stuff is so interesting but I was so lazy about learning it. It was like I was trying not to. 

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