Growing Pains, Or Too Many Goals?

Looking at this picture that was taken earlier in the week I can hardly recognize myself. These past few months have been crazy for me. And for the most part in an amazing way. I've had a few missteps one (or two depending on the size of thing you count) at school, and one in my personal life that seemed really bad but ended up being great. There is one other personal life one but it's too soon to tell if it's actually going to be bad. 

For the most part I've been blessed with the fact that all the crazy things have been good. I got an internship that I just applied for on a whim, ended up getting a promotional modeling gig until Christmas that I didn't even know I applied for, and have been doing well (although there is room for improvement) in school. For the past few weeks I've even been managing to stay on top of my blogging stuff which is a huge accomplishment. 

All of these things have made me a different person, and this is the fastest evolution I've ever had. I'm still a big weirdo but I'm more controlled, and I've overcome a lot of my shyness and anxiety towards new people and things. I have to say though that either my growing pains or all those goals I'm setting for myself are kind of burdening me. 

I feel worn out, and unaccomplished sometimes, and like I'm not going anywhere in life. All of which are kind of funny because to anyone else (that I talk to) I seem to be doing a lot with myself. In the next few days, or maybe a week, I plan on sharing with you guys specific goals that I have, and even though a few are a little far fetched try and hang with me, I have a big imagination. 

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