Food Photos: Reeses Puffs, Halloween Fanta, Thanksgiving

Looking at these photos I realize I should have put a little effort into organizing them by when they were taken but... It didn't happen. The first photo is of Reese's Puffs my absolute favorite cereal. I had it while visiting my cousin (remember she had her own apartment) as a child and now her and her husband have it in their house. Below that is my part of a dairy queen meal. There is chicken on the side and it isn't mine. I have yet to convince my friend to stop the whole meat thing.  Next is my meatless (and vegan) thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't bad, and honestly I don't really miss the turkey. 

Next to that is some chili that my mother made. It's more of a stew than other people's I've tried which of course is fantastic for me. Right now I think there are some left overs, and I hope they're still there when I go home. Above that is some hospital food because unfortunately I had to go again for my grandmother who went last year. Maybe I'll go into detail later on, once it's all over. Above that is the Fanta drink at my cousin's apartment. It had a halloween theme that I thought was cute. The drink wasn't mine though since carbonation isn't exactly my thing. 

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