Face Photos: Airport Office with a Purple Sweater

So, at my internship it was either I was really busy, or I had nothing to do. I thought when I took over for three weeks doing the office manager job (she had sick leave to do tonsil removal) that it'd be more of a steady steam of work. Unfortunately that wasn't exactly the case and it was just like when I was doing my intern stuff. I'd have a rush in the morning to get checks processed that arrived overnight or after I left and dealing with messages. Then I'd be bored working on small side projects (never enough of them!) until mail time when I'd have to rush and process checks and take them to city hall before a certain time. Looking at my phone I realized that I had some really ugly bad lighting probably sleep deprived and bad angles (trying to see how different I could look) selfies of me wearing my pretty ombre oasap sweater

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