Caturday: Cricket isn't going to live to be an old Cat

As you guys know at the beginning of this year I got a used cat cricket . They told us she was roughly a year and a half old and honestly she behaved terribly so we thought she was younger than that. Early on we noticed that she had breathing problems, but it didn't seem like a big deal. We did ask the vet about it during a visit for her to get shots, and he thought it was allergies and recommended giving her kids allergy medication daily. 

Well, we had been doing that and it didn't seem to be getting any better, so in September we took her back. That day they didn't do much, but made her come back a few days later where they'd put her under and check out her throat. They thought maybe she had a blockage, but it is actually a whole lot worse than that. My cat has pharyngeal paralysis. That means her throat doesn't always open when she breathes. It's common in large dogs, but none of the vets where Cricket goes had every heard of a cat having it They found a specialist that would be able to do the sugary but after him telling us he'd never actually done it on a cat, thought there'd be only a 50% chance of it working, and that if it did work she'd have a high risk of choking while eating and drinking. This along with the fact that she isn't actually a year and a half but around eight made us realize it wasn't worth the risks. 

So, right now she's breathing well enough and seems very happy (based on all the purring) but I'm almost sure we won't have another year with her, and I'm not sure we'll even have a full year with her. 

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