But What Exactly are you Doing?

That's a question I ask myself a lot. Right now I have an internship, do modeling part time on the weekends, have school and try and keep up my blog and all of these keep me pretty busy. However I don't feel like I'm doing anything. I mean anything that does something for other people, society, the environment, just something that makes a difference.

 The things that I'm doing now aren't really anything. My internship is basically just writing up documents, that are quite boring and unneeded (in my opinion), and although I am getting a "promotion" in the next few weeks, I'm simply going to be answering phones and doing basic accounting stuff. The modeling and blogging I do, is completely replaceable, if people weren't reading my blog, or using me for pictures, they'd just find someone else there are no shortage of girls for those things. It's all just vapor. 

 So when people question me on why I decided on the major I did, for me it's easy. I would feel like a complete waste majoring in art, music, writing. It'd just be doing something for myself, for fun, and I know that I couldn't be happy with that.  

Sorry for my random rant. But at least the picture of me is pretty. 

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