Book Review: Contagious Disciple Making

Contagious Disciple Making
Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery
By David L. Watson & Paul D. Watson

It is hard to deny that today's world can seem apathetic toward Christians. Some may look down at their iPhones when we mention God, motion for the check when we bring up church or casually change the subject when we talk about prayer. In a world full of people whose indifference is greater than their desire to know Christ, how can we dream of growing the church?

In Contagious Disciple Making David L. Watson and Paul D. Watson map out a simple method that has sparked an explosion of homegrown churches in the United States and around the world. Broken into distinct parts, Contagious Disciple Making details methods used by missions groups throughout the world today. This unique process focuses on equipping spiritual leaders in communities where churches are planted. Unlike many evangelism and church grown products that focus on quick results, Contagious Disciple-Making takes time to cultivate spiritual leadership, resulting in lasting Disciple Making Movements. Through Contagious Disciple-Making readers will come to understand that a strong and equipped leader will continue to grow the church long after church planters move on to their next challenge. 

David L. Watson serves the global church through Cityteam Ministries as the VP for Global Disciple-Making. He is also actively involved in mentoring the next generation of disciple making straights. Since 1989, Watson has been involved with movements that have seen 100,000 churches started and he has trained more than 30,000 leaders from 167 nations. 

Paul D. Watson is the son of David L. Watson. He grew ip in Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Singapore. As a child he saw his father develop the principles that led to Disciple Making Movements. As an adult Paul has trained 1,500 disciple-makers in 14 countries. Currently Paul Serves as City Director for Cityteam Portland and s working to catalyze Disciple Making Movements in the Pacific Northwest.  

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