Book Review: Beloved Dust

Beloved Dust
by Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel

Join pastor Jamin Goggin and theologian Kyle Strobel as they challenge age old myths about prayer, while illuminating the realities of who God is, who you are and the relationship you were created to have with him. Revel in the knowledge that you live within the glory of his constant presence that he raised you from dust to live in perpetual communion with him.

I'm always curious about the bible. I used to go to a church that was very set in old ways so I figured Beloved Dust was a great book to read. I love the way it goes about explaining the old ways and how they're wrong or not true. It's easy to read and can be picked up and put down and reread. If you like  Christian Faith of the Old Testament, Just Jesus, or When We Were On Fire

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