Billion Dollar Brows Smudge Brush and Pencil Sharpener

Thanks to Billion Dollar Brows I've been able to really fix up my brows lately. They gave me clear brow gel , a brow pencil, and a duo highlighter and concealer  to try out. All of which have been doing a fantastic job at helping me make sure I look good in the mornings, and honestly I thought they alone were a pretty cool set. However in the box was also a smudge brush and pencil sharpener which of course I was very excited to see.

As I mentioned before these did come as a part of the Better Brow Set from Billion Dollar Brows, and they were with the other brow necessity products in a branded box with product pictures of all things included to make your eyebrows fantastic. The pencil sharpener is a wide plastic piece in black with white font for the bdb logo. The smudge brush has a brown handle copper hardware and orange bristles. 

Verdict: Although I don't think there are the most important pieces of the kit, they're a great addition. The brush and pencil sharpener are perfect for people just starting out their makeup adventure, into the eyebrows and I can't complain about either. 

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