Review:Selfie Monopod

If you've looked at my instagram feed, or my blog for that matter, you'll see that I'm a huge fan of taking selfies. It seems like I know my good angles better than anyone else. Plus it's much more practical to take my own picture instead of having to have someone else do it for me. Of course that means when I was offered the Selfie Monopod to review I immediately said yes.

It came to me through amazon so that of course means great payment options as well as a whole lot of shipping options. It is a stick, haha, and it expands by tugging on it, has a strap so you don't drop it as well as a universal phone holder. Here's what the company has to say 

"Your search for the Best Extendable Selfie Monopod stops now!

When you have the urge to take photos with friends, families or alone and no one is around... the Selfie Handheld Monopod comes to the rescue!

From any angle, any condition, you can easily shoot your ideal photo with YOU in it! Everyone has a cell phone and everyone wants selfies. Teens and adults love them. This tool is lightweight, portable and easy to carry around town or when traveling to your favorite destinations.

• Smartphones to include iPhone's & Android's
• Extending desired length from self and adjusting angles for your perfect video or photo set
• Adults and Teens

• The pole EXTENDS and ADJUSTS to the desired length for your video or picture
• The clamp is also adjustable and fits all Smartphones to include iPhone and Android phones.

CLD ® prides itself in providing quality products and superior customer service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

1 Selfie Stick
1 Universal Phone Holder
1 Wrist Strap"

Verdict: For once in awhile the selfie monopod is great. It takes fun pictures that are a little quirky and you can easily make them laughable. The quality is good, and it handles drops and scraps well. However it isn't going to be your answer to having someone take your OOTD photos or anything like that. 

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