Review: Youphoria Yoga Towel

I'm a huge yoga fan. For me even though it isn't a weight loss sort of activity. It's just a great way to stretch out my muscles. I've reviewed a Youphoria yoga mat previously which I was a big fan of, due to it's slightly sticky nature so when I was offered a chance to try out their yoga towel, of course I said yes. Previously I have reviewed a yoga towel from Shandali  so I was curious to see how it would compare. 

This towel comes from amazon, which if you've read my other reviews, I love. Since I have prime it means fast free shipping and no worries about payment. Inside the box it was wrapped in a plastic with a company logo sticker. Then inside it has another cardboard wrap and then there was my dark grey yoga towel.  I like the light blue trim and Youphoria label. 

Verdict: I have to say I'm a big fan of this yoga towel. It can be used as a cover for a yoga mat for an extra hard floor or a cold one, and as a blanket for shoulder stands and corpse poses. And for hot yoga it's for sure needed. 

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