Review: Wholy Water

So if you hate awkward conversations, or reading awkward things, might now be the time to click away because I'm about to talk all about bathroom smells. If you've been with me for awhile though you're probably used to these kind of posts, because I'm not at all shy about it. Evidence in the fact that I did a MaskIt review. Anyways let's start with the packaging before I get all the details.

I'm not exactly sure about shipping and payments, because this product basically just showed up at my door but I thought it was cool enough to talk about. It has a clear bottle, with a white product inside. The label is in the middle and has a retro style look to it. On the front is a toilet bowel with flowers jumping out of it, and a sunburst design in an orange and green. In bold print is Wholy Water in red with a small banner underneath that says "keep the demons at bay by keeping the smell away" The cap is a black with a spray lid. 

So if you haven't caught the drift haha... The Wholy Water is a spray that you use after going to the bathroom, so that smell doesn't reck havoc on the rest of your home. Here's what they company has to say. 

"- Eliminate foul odors caused by using the toilet
- Wholy Water uses essential oils to form a protective layer in the toilet. Foul odors cannot pass through the - -- layer of essential oils - leaving your toilet smelling delightful!
- Wholy Water is the PERFECT product to keep in your bathroom. Never again will somebody mercilessly destroy your bathroom with last night's dinner.
- The essential oils used in Wholy Water will leave a fresh, powerful lemongrass scent emanating out of your toilet.
- Wholy Water is comprised using all natural ingredients (essential oils). No harmful chemicals or toxins."

Vedict: I think the Wholy Water is a great idea. It's embarrassing to leave any kind of oder in a bathroom, especially if there are guest or you are a guest. This spray is a discrete way to solve that issue, and it smells great. Trying it out I was impressed that it does actually remove all of the smell. 

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