Review: TUO-Phone Cell Phone Case

I've had the same phone for the last three+ years, which something a lot of people are impressed by. The question is always how do I keep it lasting so long. Especially since it only has a few modest scratches on it. Well, a phone case is how. and more than a phone case I also keep it in a pouch inside my bag. The pouch I've been using lately is the TUO-Phone cell phone case that Tak Mahal Covers Inc was nice enough to send me to try out one of theirs for awhile. 

It came to me through amazon so free shipping with prime (2 days even!) and there are a ton of payment options. Inside the normal Amazon box, you know what I'm talking about, the one with the the fancy amazon tape all over it to make a brown box much more exciting to get. Inside was the Tuo-Phone box which has a product picture on it, with a white background and a small company logo on the side. 

Verdict: I'm impressed with how well the TUO-Phone cell phone case is made. I've been using it the past week and even as a rough user I haven't had any damage. For me since I'm no Hannah Montana  and only have one phone I use the other side to carry my key/money pouch and this works great. I only wish they had a big version so that when I get my new iPhone I could get one. 

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