Review: Taza Stemless Wine Glasses

Maybe you don't know this, but I absolutely love home goods. If it's a gadget or something that I can save for my apartment I'm all about it. So when the people ov er at Taza offered to send me their wine glasses for review, I immediately said yes without even thinking about it. They are a little different than your average wine glasses, or as they say, "not your mother's wine glass" because they're plastic, specifically made for the outdoors. 

So these glasses come from amazon. You go to their site for all the ordering (not through some type of third party), pick out your shipping and payment and then they send you the glasses from the Amazon warehouse based on the shipping you decided on, the time will vary. Inside that normal amazon shipping box, you know, the brown one with amazon branded tape on the sides will be a Taza box. It's quite cute in it's blue color and big white font. Resting nicely inside are four plastic cups.

Verdict: Just looking at the stemless Taza wine glasses, they look like they're actually made of glass. When you pick the glasses you see that they're actually made of plastic, because they're so light. I dropped one a few times on concrete to see if it would scratch and after the third time it still looked like nothing had happened. These glasses are going to be perfect for eating dinner out on the patio, because you really don't want to use fancy glass ones there. 

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