Review: SunLabz 8 Slot Battery Charger

If this were the 70's I'd be a full hippie. I'm all about recycling, conserving energy, and waste management (the trash can stuff) and thrift shopping. So when the people over at SunLabz offered to send me their 8 slot battery charger to review, I immediately said yes. Although I don't use batteries as much as I used to.

Alright this comes from Amazon, and of course that means free shipping, since it is over the price to get it and if you have prime it always means free shipping. For any product payment options are simple although I wish they did use Paypal since I way prefer that over a credit card. It comes in the normal amazon box, and has a lot of packaging stuff around it so you don't need to worry about it getting damaged.

Verdict: I love that this is not only an 8 slot battery charger, but that it actually offers different sizes, since you know you aren't always going to be using AA batteries. The plastic is hard and durable and I love that it has a screen on it so you know what's going on. Totally using this guy some more. 

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